Tulus Released His New Song, ‘Ingkar’

  • Bagikan

Who doesn’t know Tulus? Singer-songwriter who already released loads of great songs and already appreciated in many prestigious events in Indonesia. The songs he creates often become a soundtrack for so many people, from the sadness and happiness. Today, Tulus is back with a new song in collaboration with legendary composer from Indonesia, Erwin Gutawa. The song which called ‘Ingkar’ is now available officially in all digital platform. ‘Ingkar’ still packed with a straightforward poetic lyric like Tulus’s previous songs. What makes it different is this song told us a dilemma story of someone who still can’t barely move on and letting go the ones their loves.

Indubitable, with the current situation in which we only have narrowed space to work, it didn’t
limit the collaboration space in the process of creating the latest work from Tulus. The creative process to create music shift briefly to the usage of technology. Ari Renaldi, one of the brilliant Producer, who already worked with Tulus couple of times, built the arrangement through the collaboration with Indonesia’s brilliant composer, Erwin Gutawa.

With the released of the song, Tulus also release the music video for ‘Ingkar’ with a live performance in front of an art installation. This video also part of a collaboration between Tulus and a young multimedia artist, Bandu Darmawan. This represents a huge board form of collaboration in the middle of narrow space of movement that we had today. This September will be the tenth years of Tulus’s career in music. This is also marking the process of work for his new album, and embracing the decade of the journey that Tulus’s had. New works are still continuing to be created in near future. Hence, for now, ‘Ingkar’ could be listened to various digital music stores. We proudly present, ‘Ingkar’. Hope you enjoy it as we are making it. (*)

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  • Bagikan